Change is a Good Part of Life

I can’t say for sure (I’m only 25), but it seems that life is always changing, growing, and moving. I might get a break now and then of just being comfortable in a routine, but it doesn’t last for long. Part of that might be that I’m the mother of two beautiful children. Kids, especially when they are small, change and grow and become different people every few months. Now that I think about it, though it might be of a more subtle nature, I’m not the same person I was a few months ago, either.

In any case, right now I see a ton of change coming my way. I’m taking my love for writing a little more seriously (hence the start of this blog, which, in case you didn’t know, apparently every writer should have one). I’m about to register for the fall semester at Liberty University. I haven’t been to school in four years; it’s both exciting and nerve-racking. My DH and I are hoping to move by the end of the year. My kids are changing and growing; re-evaluating their needs is almost constant. I’ve started a weight loss program through Genetix ( (No, I am not paying that much every month. I caught an awesome Groupon deal.) I am also experiencing a very real change in my spiritual life through the grace of Jesus Christ.

So, all this change would have made me cringe, would have made me want to hide under the covers, this time last year. Change used to overwhelm me, but now I’ve changed (not that I don’t still have an all out melt-down on occasion, but it’s much more of an irregularity). Part of my growth is probably because I’ve grown up a little bit. Part of it is that I’m learning to trust in God’s sovereignty, and that gives me greater peace and hope. My life is about to get more complicated, require more discipline and self-control, and ultimately be a lot more difficult than it is now. But, that’s okay. Without complicated and the hard stuff, I would be comfortable- and stagnant, and never experience the change necessary to become a better person, to become the person God is shaping me to be.


5 thoughts on “Change is a Good Part of Life

  1. Well put Bri! I can see growth in every area of your beautiful life. Change is so much better to accept when we realize it is not the enemy but a welcomed hand of the Father transforming us to be more like Jesus. I can definitely attest to the feelings of resistance, as well as the realization of the freedom of acceptance. Thank God He doesn’t just leave us as is and loves us enough to keep growing us all!

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