Genetix Program: 5 Weeks In

I am using the Genetix Program to loose weight, and I plan to give updates and reviews of the program every month or so. Now, I did get a great deal on Groupon for a six month run in the program, so I got a significant discount.

Ok, so 5 weeks in, I’ve lost about 11 pounds. And that’s not water weight. I cheated for the last few days of my trip to Indiana, and that weight stayed off. That’s a little more than 2 pounds a week as an average, but like I said, I wasn’t able to be 100% faithful during the week I was at my parents. Considering that the program is supposed to encourage healthy weight loss, I would consider 2 pounds a week acceptable. I am hoping, however, that I will have a better average next month if I am able to stay faithful.

So far here are the positives:

1) Having to call my counselor/nutritionist/nurse Katie every morning and tell her what I’ve eaten the day before is great motivation to eat right.

2) Katie has helped me on a few occasions figure out what I can eat out, and I’ve been able to order food at a restaurant guilt free.

3) I feel better, and the problems I have with swelling have stopped. Last summer, I couldn’t wear my wedding band or engagement rings because my fingers were too swollen. I had already had several days before I began the GXprogram where I had to leave my rings on the dresser because they had swollen. Since being on the diet, I’ve been able to wear my rings every day and my body feels better now that it’s not as swollen. Note: I didn’t have very much energy the first week. My body did have to get used to the diet, but once I did, it was all good.

4) It’s pretty nice not to have to worry about planning out everything or reading some book or watching a video and trying to figure out what to do. Katie just tells me, and it’s simple. For instance, generally, Mondays and Fridays are vegetarian days. Tuesdays and Thursdays are one protein days. Wednesday I can eat two proteins.

5) I am encouraged to do things the healthy way. If it were up to me, I would be eating less. My daily intake on this diet is about 1200 calories, so eating less wouldn’t be a good idea. However, I have this tendency to want to go crazy for a couple weeks on super low calorie diets and then I get sick of it, cheat a few days, gain a ton, and then just quit. Katie reminded me that eating less would slow my metabolism and make the weight loss unsustainable when I asked her if we could lower my calorie intake. She was able to remind me and explain to me medically why I should be doing what I’m doing.

Ok, now it’s not all roses. Here a few negatives:

1) My counselor, though awesome, has like 50 people she is working with. Some days I can’t get a hold of her or she doesn’t get my missed call and doesn’t call back. Normally, that doesn’t happen, but sometimes it does. Now, Katie is a real life person. She has a life. She has kids. I am not her only priority. So, I get it, but at the same time, the way the video pitches the program makes it seem like you would have access to your person or a person at all times.

2) I have not received my login username/password yet. Now, this is due to the person who normally takes care of these things having their child die, so obviously I am not necessarily upset. I understand. That’s unexpected. That’s rough stuff. But, Genetix, as a company should have had someone else trained in how to do this. Apparently, they didn’t, and I am over a month into the program and haven’t been able to utilize the website. Maybe they just had a boom in business and they weren’t prepared for anything bad to happen. Again, I get it. I understand. But I would really appreciate my username/password.

Overall, the good outweighs the bad…so far. I am happy with the program, and I’m happy with how I feel and the weight I’ve lost. And the bad, I don’t think is necessarily all that bad. It isn’t effecting my progress in any major way. For anyone considering the program, I would say, if the cost doesn’t seem too crazy for you or if you catch a groupon, go for it. It is helping me. Good luck to all those out there trying to loose the weight. It’s hard, but it will be worth it.


11 thoughts on “Genetix Program: 5 Weeks In

  1. I am one week into the Genetix program-kind of wish I had bought the 6 mo groupon instead of the 3 mo one:) Do you know what the phases of the program are (saw it on the fb page). I keep forgetting to ask my counselor. I know I am in phase 2 and it lasts 10-14 days. But what is stage 3 and 4 and how long does each last? Good luck! I am 4lbs down but that was from the fruit detox (was down 4.5 lbs but gained .5 lb as soon as I started eating again).

    • There are only three phases for me so far. My counselor said phase three lasts until you reach your goal weight and then there is a “for the rest of life” phase which just helps you maintain. For me (it might be different for you based on your needs) my week generally goes something like this: Monday and Friday are veggie days meaning I don’t eat any meat. Wednesday and Thursday are one protein days. I have tuna or turkey for one meal. Wednesday I can normally have two proteins. This changes if I have a rough weekend though, meaning I might need an extra veggie day or two.

  2. Thanks for the information. She told me there would be a free day in there-is yours on the weekend? I need to remember to ask her-I kind of don’t want her to feel I am trying to get ahead of myself. I still have 10 days (or more) at this second phase.

    • Yeah. I forgot about that because it’s optional. I use it if there is a special occasion but I try not to use it because I feel like it doesn’t help me. Even when I end up using it I now stick to generally healthy meals just because the first couple free meals made me feel sick. My body doesn’t want that crap! LOL

  3. I am about to buy the groupon myself. I have spent so much money on “weight loss” throughout my life, I just want to be done! Hoping this program is what I need to stay motivated! I’m so glad you posted a review! I didn’t want to buy the groupon just to find out there was more to purchase!

      • I am. I have lost about 12 pounds altogether, but part of that is that it took some trial and error for my counselor and I to figure out what works for me. I have a really hard time loosing weight and keeping it off, meaning I can’t just count calories and it works. With the help of my counselor, I think I’ve realized that I need to stick to a mostly vegetarian diet for my body. So, we tried a few things before I came to that conclusion, so hopefully, the weight will start to come off more easily now that I’ve found what my body needs. Honestly, I was a little disappointed in the program for a while. But now I think I’m grateful because I feel like I’ve sifted through all the reasons most diets just don’t seem to work for me. I’ve developed some really great habits and I feel healthy. My body isn’t swelling anymore, like it used to. When I started this program, I couldn’t wear my wedding rings because my hands were always too swollen. So, overall, I think at the end of the six months, even if I don’t loose a ton of weight, it will have been worth it to learn more about what I need because then I can continue the weight loss on my own.

  4. Hey Brianna,

    Are you still doing the Genetix Program? I was looking for recent updates since your 5 week June update. I was thinking of purchasing the program on Groupon, but I wanted to see what you think of it a little further into the plan. Have things improved? Are you able to get in touch with your coach daily now? Did you ever get your username/ password?

    Can you tell me a bit about the program. Are there any medications or supplements that they make you take? What’s the phase one like? It sounds like you eat nothing but fruit for a few days? I’m a bit concerned with them not allowing a lot of protein since I feel like protein really fills me up and staves off hunger. I’d really appreciate anything you can tell me! Thanks!

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