4th of July Forever Memories

Last night I went to bed feeling grateful and just down right in love with my family. Yesterday was a perfect day. My husband and I woke up to our kids singing a song about how Daddy didn’t have to go to work. We all just chilled out all morning, took it slow. It was relaxing. We packed a picnic lunch and headed to the park. The kids fell asleep on the way, so I got to spend some quality time talking with my husband and eating lunch with him. We woke Girlie Girl up when we were done with our lunch, and she got to learn how to ride her big girl bike for the first time. When Little Man woke up, the kids enjoyed their lunch. We headed back to our house and changed the kids into their swimsuits. There is a little spray park in our apartment complex, so we let them run around in the cool water for a while. Eventually, they asked Daddy to join them, and he did (with all his clothes on!).  Then, since Mommy didn’t want to get wet, Daddy thought it would be fun to pick me up and run me through the water while I screamed like a little girl. Girlie Girl thought that was funny, and Little Man melted my heart by running up to me, very concerned, asking, “Are you okay, Mommy? You need kisses?” After the spray park, we headed over to Wendy’s and the kids got frostys. We all came home, took a nap, and then Mommy got McDonald’s cheeseburgers for dinner (a treat for our kids). When dinner was done, we loaded back up in the van and headed downtown to watch the fireworks. It was the first time we’ve gone as a family, and the kids were awestruck and then just really excited. Little Man watched with eyes open, sitting on Mommy or Daddy’s lap, clapping and pointing and saying, “Oh, they’re so pretty!” and “That one looks like a crab (or a spider or a bug).” Girlie Girl danced in rhythm to the fireworks, “exploding” in dance, and at one point she got so excited she threw her hands up in the air and yelled, “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 AMERICA!!!!!” And after the kids were sound asleep in their beds, my husband carried up the t.v. to our bedroom and we cuddled and laughed together as we watched one of our favorite shows.

So, yes, yesterday was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Thank you, God, for blessing me with this family, who I can laugh with, play with, love and cherish.


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