4 Steps to a Royal Princess Party

For more on my process and to learn how you might be able to customize your princess party to your child, check out my post: Top 12 Tips for Throwing an Awesome Birthday Party on a Budget.

The Royal Snack and Dessert Table

For snacks, I had a kind of tea party array of cucumber sandwiches, deli sandwiches shaped like crowns, rise crispy treats, pretzels and chips. The cucumber sandwiches were a big hit, and I bought the nice thick bread for all the sandwiches. The rice crispy treats were also a big hit, and super easy to make. The instructions are on the back on any Rice Crispy cereal box. I also had (of course) a princess themed cake, which I bought. Now, if you love making food and you want to go 100% homemade, have at it. I purposely chose to only make one homemade thing (cucumber sandwiches) because I find that adding on fancy food that takes a lot of time to prepare adds too much for me when it comes to birthday parties.

DSC_0037 DSC_0077

The Royal Boutique

I put together a Royal Boutique for the girls. I draped pink cloth over our ottoman, pushed it up against a wall, and hung a mirror over it. I made each of the girls purple bags with their names, costume jewelry, and tutus. Each of the girls also made their own crowns out of a kit I bought at Hobby Lobby for $3. The girls actually decorated their crowns as people were arriving and I was putting the finishing touches on the Royal Food Table. After lunch, they all got dressed up. I had a few other Moms and friends help me, and we let each of the girls have pink lipstick, sparkly pink blush, and sparkly white eye shadow. It was SO much fun!

DSC_0009 DSC_0011 DSC_0016


The Royal Kiss the Frog Bean Bag Toss

I generally like to have at least one game at birthday parties. I found this idea here. I changed it up a bit, but it’s basically the same. Instead of a wooden frog, I had a friend trace the picture from the blog onto a big cardboard three panel presentation board. She helped me cut out the mouth, and then I painted it, put glitter on the crown, and made the kissing lips. In retrospect, the hot glue did not hold together like I would’ve wanted. Some of them had holes where the beans slipped through before the party was over. If I had to do it over again, I probably would have sewn it. The kids loved this game. They wanted to play it over and over.

DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0326 DSC_0001

The Royal Gift Table

Not everyone does gifts for parties like this, but we generally do because we like to take our kids to get gifts for other kid’s parties. Anyway, I hung a sign above a table that I draped some fabric over and called it the “Royal Gift Table”. It was cute and fun.


So, these were the four basic parts to my daughter’s Princess Party. Everything was done on a budget. You can find a way to make super fun parties for a lot less than pinterest or some other blogs will have you believe. I couldn’t believe (especially with the theme Princess) how much some parents spend on a small child’s birthday ($1,000s- no joke). The signs for each station I printed out myself. The fabric for the tutus was $1/yard at Wal-Mart. I got the bags for the Boutique for $1 each at the Dollar Tree. The most expensive thing was probably the cake, which I could’ve made, but decided for my sanity to go ahead and buy. So, if you want to throw your kid a big party, don’t feel like you can’t because of money or feel like you have to spend a ton of money to do it. My daughter gave me big hugs all day, and actually said…wait for it…this may have been a once in a lifetime thing…”Mommy, you are the best Mommy EVER!” And even though I know I’m not “the best mommy ever”- in that moment, I felt like the best Mommy for her.


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