Liberty University Online: Process Review

I am just a few weeks out from starting my classes at LUonline. I am super excited, but nervous when I think about how long it’s been since I’ve done academics. So far, my experience with Liberty has been a positive one. When I first began looking into Liberty, I honestly couldn’t find any in depth reviews written by people who weren’t being paid to make Liberty look good. So, I want to share my experiences along the way to both give a better idea of what Liberty specifically is like and also what going back to school is like for a STAHM.

First, I’m going to talk a little bit about Liberty’s customer service. They have a few options through which you can have any and all questions answered: email, chat, and phone. I personally LOVE their chat service. I have used it several times to get my questions answered, and the reason I prefer it is that (obviously) chat is in real time. That means if I don’t understand the reply or if the reply just adds questions I can get it all done in one sitting. The only negative thing I have to say about Liberty’s customer service is this: their departments don’t always communicate with each other. I had probably ten phone calls about the exact same thing. But other than being a little annoying, LUonline has good service. They answer your questions. They’re polite. They get it done.

Next on the list: financial check-in. This is a little more complicated than what I experienced in a brick and mortar college, but honestly, because I had the chat service where I could ask questions and get immediate help, it wasn’t too bad. One thing that’s different about Liberty is that you have the option of getting your left-over refund money on their Higher One card. It’s basically a pre-paid credit card. I won’t get my funds until after I’ve started classes, but overall, I believe having my funds on a card will be more convenient for me.

The last thing I’m going to review is Liberty’s bookstore. They work with MBS Direct, which fortunately for me, means I get my books pretty much for free! My husband works for MBS, so we’ve actually saved close to $1,000 in textbooks.  The bookstore seems pretty easy to navigate. I have two ebooks which are on an online bookshelf through MBS. I’ve never used an ebook textbook, so we’ll have to see how I adapt to it. Anyway, overall, it was an easy process for me. As far as I know, MBS does try to have excellent customer service and they do their best to work with people who have any problems.

Are you going back to school? How has your experience been? Can I answer any more questions about the process of applying for and preparing for LUonline specifically?


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