Genetix Program Update

I’ve gotten a few questions regarding the Genetix Program. I’m going to answer them below, but first a quick update on how the program has been working for me.  I’ve lost a couple pounds since my last post, and yes, I hoped I would loose more in four months. I’m down maybe 10-12 pounds consistently. Part of this is probably because I had entire an month where I had to travel a LOT, and it was very difficult to stick to a diet on the go. Although, I didn’t really gain anything during that month, which tells me that my new habits have been good for me. A bigger part of that is that my counselor and I have had to go through some trial and error to find what works for me. Apparently, my body needs a mostly vegetarian, possibly gluten free, diet, and I can not take meals off very often. (Every time I take a meal off, I feel sick.) I’ve actually only been trying to do that for a couple weeks. Let me give a list of pros/cons:


  1. feel so much better. Seriously. Even if I haven’t lost a ton of weight, I feel healthier. My body used to be so swollen; I couldn’t wear my wedding ring, my legs hurt, and I just felt terrible all the time. Not any more.
  2. I’ve developed some really great habits. I don’t give in to cravings nearly as much as I used to. I drink more water, eat more veggies, and eat more fiber.
  3. I’m starting to feel fuller longer and fuller faster. This is a sign to me that my tummy is shrinking and that even if the weight isn’t coming off fast, it will eventually.
  4. I feel more confident about what I need to do for my body. Before this program, I was kind of overwhelmed and I didn’t understand what was going on with my body. I would go on a diet and when no weight was lost after two, three, four months of sticking to it, I would start to give up. Now, I’m confident that weight is not the only health issue I’m battling and that what I’m eating affects how I feel as much if not more than how much I weigh.


  1. I have not lost the amount of weight I anticipated in the beginning. This is a big one. I’m not sure whether this has to do with my body having other issues or what. I am confident that I have learned enough and developed enough good habits that I can continue after my 6 months is over, and eventually I will loose weight, even if it’s just a few pounds a month. It just might take me longer than I had hoped. Keep in mind that I’m pretty sure my metabolism is really messed up from my past almost-starve-myself diet yo-yos.
  2. My counselor has a LOT of people to keep track of. I understand that this is a business, but my counselor has over 60 people she’s working with. So, I don’t feel like she can really concentrate on me or even remember things I’ve talked to her about. However, I do feel like she has provided me with a lot of really great information that I can take and use on my own. If you are a more dependent person or have less self-initiative, this might be a bigger problem for you.
  3. The website needs work. I did get my username/password, but the website is not really impressive enough that I feel the need to look at it very often.

Ok, now I’m going to answer some specific questions I’ve gotten:

Q: Are you able to get a hold of your counselor every day?

A: Not every day. She normally encourages me to only call M-F unless I have a question or need something Saturday or Sunday. She doesn’t always answer her phone on the weekends, but that doesn’t bother me. She’s a real person with a real life. There have been days when I call and she is in a meeting or doing something else and she has to call me back, or I text her and she texts me back.

Q: Did I get my username/password?

A: Yes, though as I mentioned above, the website is kind of blah.

Q: Are there medications/supplements that I have to take?

A: No. They really encourage you not to take medications/supplements. They are trying to teach you how to live a sustainable, healthy life. This is a long-term plan, not an easy fix.

Q: What is phase one like?

A: You eat nothing but fruit for about three days. It’s only three days, and then you go into phase two, where you are allowed proteins on certain days of the week. You have two veggie days and two days where you get one protein and then one day where you get two proteins. Unless you decide, like me, that your body does better with less protein, and then your counselor should help you decide a plan for your body.

If there are anymore questions, I would be happy to answer them! Just let me know! Has anyone else out there tried the Genetix Program? How is it going for you?


2 thoughts on “Genetix Program Update

  1. I’m a year late on this, but I tried the program about a year ago thanks to a Groupon that made it affordable (probably too affordable, honestly). I loved the premise of the program. My first counselor was amazing–I looked forward to talking with her, even though I knew she would be brutally honest with me. We built a great rapport. She then had some family issues, so I was moved to another counselor. It zapped my motivation entirely to have to start a new relationship – but once I did finally get in touch with her, she was great. Then I moved across the country and was assigned yet another counselor (in my time zone) who was TERRIBLE. I dreaded calling her. She was rude and couldn’t care less about my personhood.

    When I was with my first counselor, I did well on the program and lost about 10 pounds in a month – but I’ve regained that and then plenty more! I’m starting again and will be very picky about my counselor since I’m paying full price!!

    Anyway thanks for listening/reading to my comment and sharing your experience. Are you still on the program/have you maintained your newfound health?

    • Unfortunately, I felt like my counselor was just too busy to really provide any real accountability or motivation. I think she had like two dozen people she was working with and she seemed to always be so busy. She was nice enough, but never called me. I always had to call her. And when I did it was like a two second conversation. Anyway, I suppose it DOES make a difference who your counselor is on this program. If I had a counselor like the ones you are describing, I might have stuck with it.

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