Language Arts Curriculum for Pre-K/K-4

Homeschooling has been great! It’s really been a lot more fun than I thought it would be, and the kids are learning so much! Language Arts probably takes up the most time in our routine. My four-year-old is focusing on four sub-categories in Language Arts: Reading & Phonics, Handwriting, Spelling, and Poetry.

I did a lot of research and looked at a lot of options before deciding to go with the Now I’m Reading! program. There are two pre-readers that I purchased. The first one is Word Play, and it comes with flash cards and 8 simple books. The Now I’m Reading! program is a leveled program, so it starts off with books with simple (mostly) one syllable words and then gets more complicated as you go up to level 1, 2, etc.







I also purchased this pre-reader, which comes with a more detailed parents guide and more books. Each set of books comes in a sturdy hard back cover with plastic inserts for each book:






Then there is a book called Phonics Wheels. It’s an interactive book that focuses on word families (-at, -ug, -an, etc):






Go Fish Stories! focuses on reading comprehension. The child listens (or reads) the stories in What Happens Next? and then they play a Go Fish like game that tests their reading comprehension. There are three cards in the deck that represent each story, and the child has to group the cards together by story.




The last thing in the Now I’m Reading! program that we are using is this nifty flash card set called Flashcards: Slide, See & Say.





Besides the Now I Can Read! program we are also focusing on one letter a week for my daughter to learn to write. We use dry erase boards and she just practices while I help her, sometimes drawing connect-the-dot letters until she can draw them on her own.

We also use for poetry, reading, spelling, comprehension, word families, and handwriting worksheets. I have found to be a great resource for both of my kids. They have educational games and worksheets and my kids always want to learn using their website.

What do you do for Language Arts in pre-k/k-4? Does anyone have good suggestions for curriculum for Kindergarten or 1st grade?



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