Ah, Priorities.

So, it turns out I have some kind of major infection. I have to take some pretty strong anti-biotics. (Note: When the bottle says don’t eat dairy or whatever with the medication, be meticulous! I ate some toast this morning with a tiny bit of butter and had stomach cramps for two hours. The bottle also says no direct sunlight…not sure about that one…) I’m feeling better tonight than I have in about a week, but I have fallen a bit behind on my blog post planning. I guess this is one of those times I have to prioritize. Blogging is important to me, but I have to complete my school assignments through Liberty online and homeschool my kids and take care of my family. Ah, priorities. I’m finding that setting priorities is easier said than done, and it’s a constant battle to remember what is most important (read all about that struggle here).

Anyway, I will be back on the blogging bandwagon by Thursday. I hope to have a post about what we’ve been doing in our Homeschooling for Social Studies. Also, I’m super excited about a conference I will be attending this weekend, ORAcon 2013 Annual Fiction Writer’s Conference in Springfield, MO! I will definitely have posts concerning the material I pick up at this conference. They are covering backwords plotting, world-building, and self-publishing, among many other topics.



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