I Know, I’ve Not Been Blogging…

So, this past couple of weeks have been nuts! I have so much to share! But let’s just start with what’s been happening. I did attend ORAcon 2013, and I have a lot of posts coming up on the stuff I learned there. In fact, I plan to pre-type the next several posts today and then schedule them to come out over the next week. 

But, something else exciting is going on! I am interviewing artists this weekend. I’m so excited. I posted an ad on craigslist and got a ton of replies. Then, I sifted through them (some were great artists, just not what I was looking for), and now I am interviewing three on Saturday. Each artist is doing a preliminary map and illustration based on information I give them, and the one who brings my ideas to life the best I will hire and hopefully be working with over the course of my series. 

I can not tell you how excited I am. I am really, really excited. I think I may interview a few of the artists and do blog posts about them as well. 

I am also about to plot out in more detail the next book. I’ve decided I want to at least have a full first draft of all four books in the series before I begin the publishing process with the first one, so I’m hoping to hammer them out within the next seveal months.

Besides that, I am in my second to last week of my first two classes at Liberty. More to come on how that went when I’m done. 

In any case, I know I’ve not been blogging. Sorry guys. I’m still somewhat new to blogging, and it’s more difficult than I thought it would be to keep a consistent schedule. But, I’ve planned out the next several blogs, and I’ve got a lot to share over the next several weeks!


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