Getting Reviews: ORAcon2013

The next session at ORAcon2013 was entitled “The Review Game”. One thing they repeated over and over again is that the kind of reviews and the importance of reviews depends largely on your marketing strategy, but they also said that no matter what your gameplan is, getting reviews could be a good addition to your marketing. So, here are the bullet point notes:

  • Why do you want reviews? What kind of reviews do you want? Do you want a few high profile reviews where publishers and agents and bookstores will see and want more? Or do you want the general public to see and read the reviews and possibly start sales by getting your name out there and by word of mouth?
  • Advanced Reader’s Copies (ARC). These are books that you would send to bloggers and reviewers hoping that they will write about your book before the launch date.
  • Galleys- Unedited ARCs
  • NetGalley & Edelweiss are websites where you can post your ARCs and bloggers/reviewers can go there and choose to read them instead of you sending out a bunch of copies and only getting a few reviews. This is quite expensive and normally co-ops pay for a membership and then writers take turns putting their novels on the sites.
  • GoodReads has giveaways called First Reads. They require you to send a print copy, so no pdf’s or ebook formatted giveaways for cheap. Click HERE and HERE to read more about GoodReads First Reads and information about how to take advantage of this service.
  • They also suggested giving out for free just the first chapter or excerpts of your book.
  • Author Central is Amazon’s site where you can create your own author page. This is a great place to get reviews from readers.
  • Timeline. When should you start attempting to get reviews? 4-6 months before release.
  • Try a cover reveal with a giveaway with a signed copy of your book.
  • Blog Hops. HERE is a little more about those.
  • is a website that allows you to see just how much traffic certain blogs get, so that you don’t waste your time getting a review by a blog that has two followers.
  • Have a Street Team. This might be a private Facebook page where your street team get special perks and updates and get to read your galley/Arcs.
  • Review Queries. Some big time bloggers have guery guidelines. Make sure you read them and follow them closely.

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