A Story as Told by my Four Year Old

Tonight my four year old daughter told me and my husband a story. I was pretty proud. There was a story arc, character development, a villain and a resolution. I am paraphrasing what I can remember of the story. I remember most of it, but I was too interested in hearing what she had to say to write it down. Here it is, for your enjoyment.

The Princess Zebra and the Wizard

by my four-year-old little girl

Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a castle. The castle was made out of clams and raisins, and the princess was a zebra. Her father, the King, was also a zebra. Their crowns were made out of cheese.

One day they remembered that their world was not normal. They remembered that a wizard, who didn’t like cherries or monkeys or most of all people, turned them into zebras and sent all the monkeys to the forest with a wave of his magic wand.

The wizard really didn’t like people because when he was really little, his parents who were people, told him he couldn’t ride his bike anymore because it was too small. And that made him really sad and made him not like people.

One day, the wizard’s parents got him a new bike, and so he realized he should make everything normal again.

And the princess and the king and the queen and the wizard all rode their bikes together and lived happily ever after.


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