My Very First Main Character Kill-Off

So, I’ve been stuck. I’m writing the second book in a four book series, and it’s time to kill off a main character. I kind of know how it’s going to happen, but I want to make sure I do this character’s death justice. Is that weird? I’m going over death scenes repeatedly in my head, trying to pick out the right scenario, and I’m thinking, “Who does that?” I guess writers do that…and psychopathic serial killers…

I’ve done a little research (oh, Google, what would I do without you?), and I found some good advice. These are great points to keep in mind, I think, as I put my character on the chopping block:

1. Make sure you want to kill off this character.

2. Consider the emotions you want the reader to feel during the kill-off scene.

3. Make sure the death happens in a way that moves the story forward.

Anyway, I’ve got to get past this scene so I can write the rest of the story. How did you handle your very first main character kill-off? 


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