Jefferson City Novelist Group

I moved to Jefferson City, MO in November, and since then I have been searching for a local writer’s group to add to my already awesome list of groups I attend. I found a group that meets at the local library once a month through a blog post of one of their former members. The most recent post I can find made about the group is in a writer’s digest forum in 2008. They are still meeting, I think, because I found them on the library’s calendar. Anyway, after some detective work, I will be dropping in and hopefully finding some new writing buddies here in JC.

However, I have decided to start a meetup group called the Jefferson City Novelist Group. I know- oh so original- but hey, whatevs. Every time I meet with other writers I feel this boost of writer-mo-jo, so the more that happens, the better, in my opinion! So, if anyone is looking for a group to meet with in Jefferson City, please check out the JCNG here.

I am hoping that this group will turn into a place where writers can come for encouragement and motivation, where they can learn and grow in their craft, and where they can just have some fun with other writers! I will head out tonight or tomorrow to post flyers around the city, and hopefully, soon, I won’t be the only member (lol…it’s looking pretty lonely on the meetup site).

Wish me luck! And thank you to all my peeps at the Columbia Novelist Group and the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writer’s Guild for inspiring me every time we meet! I hope JCNG gives some writer out there the renewed excitment and motivation that those two groups give to me!


2 thoughts on “Jefferson City Novelist Group

  1. Are you still meeting? I would like to find a group of writers in the Jefferson City area so that I could just sit at a coffee shop and write with someone. I get tired of my 4 walls…

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