10 Years and Counting!

Today is ten years since the very first official date with my husband of almost 8 years. Before that very first date, we had already become best friends. We decided to court instead of casually date, and ten years, two kids, lots of ups and downs later, I have no regrets. My husband was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first date. He was my first love, and I love him now even more than I did back then. 

Our very first date began with one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. My parents had begun remodeling their basement, and I had to go down there with a shop vac. My allergies were flaring up as I vacuumed; I was going as fast as I could so I could get ready for my date. Tony got there a little early, and my parents sent him down to tell me that he had arrived. I didn’t see him; he came down and stood behind me with a bouquet of flowers, waiting for me to be done; the vacuum was very loud, so I’m not sure if he said something and realized I couldn’t hear him or what. So, here I am, half ready for the date, my allergies going crazy because of the vacuum. I finished and turned around in a hurry, and Tony scared me to death! I didn’t know he was there, so when I turned around and he was just standing there, I freaked out. I screamed, and horror of horrors, sneezed at the same time. It wasn’t pretty. Snot blew out all over my face. It was gross. It was mortifying. It was…well, just imagine yourself in that position. 

But Tony smiled and as I held my hands over the bottom half of my face, he pretended like nothing had happened. He just got me to a kleenex box and went about our date like I was the most beautiful girl he had ever met. That’s when I thought, “Hey, I think I could really love this guy.” Our relationship wasn’t based purely on physical attraction or shallow interest. It was deeper; we wanted to build something that would last, that would survive the embarrassing moments, and more than that, the really tough times: the pain of losing someone close, the anxiety of having a child with medical problems, the depressing times, the times when we don’t agree. And we’ve survived all of that and come out closer and stronger and more in love. 

I’m so grateful for a man that makes me feel beautiful no matter what, that stands by me and offers me love and support through anything that comes our way. I’m tellin’ ya ladies, if you find a guy like that, a guy who will still love you even when you snap at him or blame him for something that’s not his fault or do something super embarrassing, keep him and love him and cherish him.


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