Why I decided to go with an official curriculum for homeschool

When I started homeschooling my kiddos in pre-k, I thought I could save some money and put together my own curriculum. I posted here about my Language Arts Curriculum and here about the Science Curriculum I used. It took a LOT of time to put it together. It took a LOT of time to try to plan it out. I was able to teach my daughter to read and we had a lot of fun with the curriculum I kind of pieced together from different websites and books I found. I did save money, and I will be using the same hodge podge for my son’s pre-k year of homeschool.

However, geez was that a lot of work. And at times, throughout the year, I found myself confused as to what to do. I found myself unsure of the route I was taking, and I made mistakes. I didn’t have accountability or hard and fast lesson plans. I felt a lot of pressure. Now, not everyone would feel the way I did, but the experience of putting together my own unofficial curriculum was a little crazy and not super pleasant. So, I decided to go ahead and buy official curriculum for our kindergarten year. 

It’s awesome. I know for sure my kiddos are getting what they need. I know what to teach them. All the research is done. All the lesson planning is mostly done. All the gathering of projects and worksheets is done. It’s all done. I can teach with confidence and we can have a lot more fun learning together. So, just for kicks, here is what I decided to buy for our curriculum for Kindergarten:

Tapestry of Grace covers History, Writing, Literature, Geography, Fine Arts, Church History, Philosophy and Government. The idea is that you buy 4 “years” of curriculum, and each year has all the information to teach years K-12. You go through Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, and Year 4 and then you go back through them in more depth four times (throughout K-12).

For the other subjects I chose Abeka’s K5 Science Curriculum, All About Reading, All About Spelling, and Horizons K Math

I’m excited about Kindergarten. I know I’m starting a little early, but I think we will be taking time off for vacations and holidays. Plus I think we will be taking some lessons and spreading them out a little. In the end it will all add up. 

What have you done/will you be doing for Kindergarten homeschool curriculum?


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