DIY Garden Fairy Party

My daughter turned five years old last weekend, and she wanted a fairy party, so that’s what we did! It was so much fun. Unfortunately I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures of the process, but I can share links to the stuff I made. 

First, I made tulle wands for all the girls. I found the tutorial here, but I changed a few things. I used a thicker dowel rod, gold ribbon for the handle, light pink tool and light pink tool ribbon. I had to kind of mess around with the first one to get it right, so I would recommend buying enough for one extra in order to practice. I found that using thick wired ribbon for the handle worked best. Also, I didn’t tie the tulle to the handle. I also hot glued the ribbon, which I cut the full length of the dowel rod. 

My mom and I also made tissue paper flowers. I found the tutorial here. I used one color for the outer two layers and yellow for the inner two layers to create the flowers. My Mom is way better at arranging stuff, so she helped me make a photo wall with the flowers. I did get a picture of that:


We also did a matching game with Lost Things. Each girl received a fairy that I found at Hobby Lobby (also on, and I found several very cheap things online or at flea markets or antique shops. I found small corks, little green fabric ornaments, blue opaque stones, little white fabric buttons, etc. Originally, if the weather was nice, I was going to hide the Lost Things all over the yard and let the kids find them, but I had to go with plan B because it was too cold. Plan B was that I created a matching game with the Lost Things. I used little buckets I found at the Dollar Tree, put the buckets in two rows of five, and hid Lost Things under them. Then, the kids had to find the matching Lost Things (ex: there were two buckets with corks, two with ornaments, etc.). It was fun, and the girls seemed to enjoy it.

I also made little fairy dust necklaces with tiny glass jars and pink cord. I found the jars here. In the treat bags were the fairy dust necklaces, fairy necklaces, a small bag of Lost Things to play with at home, the fairies, and candy. We had cake and pizza, too. We had so much fun. Here are a few links to other fun things to do and garden fairy party ideas:


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