Sometimes I think I’m Nuts

So, in order to NOT be writing a research paper on my family’s vacation to Florida, I’ve been trying to get ahead on my homework/reading/tests/reasearch paper writing at Liberty University Online. So far, so good, except I’m driving myself insane. This paper has so many parameters and we can’t use our textbook as a source. I literally spent three straight hours just trying to find ONE source today. Ok, I’m not going to rail about it too much. All I’m going to say is, if you have anything else going on, beware: going back to school when it’s not your primary responsibility can have it’s moments where you think you won’t make it or that you’ll make it but loose your sanity in the process.

Anyway, besides homework, I’ve also been trying to get 30,000 words on the second book of a series I’m working on this month for Camp NaNo. I don’t know if I’ll make 30,000, but I think I might get some of those pills for car sickness and see if I can write some on the way to Florida. It is an 18 hour drive. It would be cool to use some of that time to put a big dent in that 30,000 words. But if I can’t do it, if the car sickness just keeps me from it, I do look forward to writing some on the Florida beach and maybe a little at my grandparent’s house on the way. They live out in the middle of nowhere; I don’t think they even have a gas station. (But they do have this lady who has had a “yard sale” in her front yard for about five years now.) Anyway, it’s peaceful out there. And I’ve always wanted to write on the beach. 

So, I’m going to power through this research paper and have an awesome time with my family and get some writing done on vacation. Yep. That sounds good.

What are your favorite spots to write? Any suggestions for writing in the car when carsickness from reading is an issue?


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