Camp NaNo, Not Finished but Worth It

My goal for Camp NaNo this April was set at 30,000 words. Now, I’ve still got a little less that a week left, but considering I’ve only got about 6,000 words, I’m guessing I won’t be reacing that 30,000 word mark. Now, I’m not too upset about that; this month has been good for me as a writer. I’ve had great connections with other writers. I have made some progress on my novel. And though I have been hindered a bit by an excessive amount of homework, I’ve made some steps to dedicate more time to writing in the future. I feel excited about being a writer, and I’m excited to be a writer in a day and age when writers have so many options and so many opportunities to learn and connect with other authors.

Anyway, we’ll see if I make progress next week. I’ve gotten ahead on my homework, so I don’t have any to do next week, for the purpose of getting some extra writing time in. I’m thinking about planning a kind of writer’s retreat for myself, just a weekend or something for me to write somewhere quiet. I’m also looking for a good conference to attend. If anyone has any recommendations, I’d be grateful for suggestions. How do you get writing time into your busy schedule?


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