Disappearing Posts!

So, this is the second time this has happened, but this time it took me longer to catch it. I wrote a review of my new Samsung Galaxy Note phone, which I love. It was a glowing review. The phone is awesome. Anyway, my husband just notified me last night that there was no actual post, just the title. I always publish a post and then go to check it on my blog to make sure it’s appeared there. This is the second time that I’ve checked after publishing, it’s been there, and then it’s disappeared later. I am so frustrated. I was actually in a competition where you were supposed to publish a post every week for 15 weeks, and that was, I think the last post, so it may have cost me some moolah. I’m not happy. Has this happened to anyone else? What is going on WP??!!!


Mother’s Day Yesterday

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. My husband got a ginormous card that the kids drew rainbows and stick people all over. It was adorable. He also got me a big boquet of flowers, a card from him that was super sweet, let me sleep in that morning, made me a HUGE breakfast, cleaned up a little around the house, and let me go shopping without the kiddos. (The only reason I don’t like shopping with the kiddos is that I’m constantly trying to make sure they don’t rip things off of hangers, play hide and seek in the clothes racks, and my son has recently taken things out of the store only to have me (or my husband) find the thing and have to take it back to the store while coaching him through an apology. He’s only three, but still…that little shoplifter can be a handful.) 

Anyway, it was a great day, and at the end of it I realized I wasn’t so happy and content because my husband and kids did nice things for me. I realized that I really love my family, and that the best part of Mother’s Day for me is being a Mom. I love the hugs and kisses and the funny things my kids say. I love how my husband makes cheesy romantic moves on me because he knows it will make me laugh. I love kissing boo-boos and snuggling with my little ones in the morning. It’s a good life. There are moments when I think I will go out of my mind, for sure, but for the most part, I’m just feeling blessed. 

Other Writers…I Love You Guys

I recently visited another writer’s group here in Jeff City. It was so much fun, and I have to say, I almost always have a blast when I’m with other writers. I think it’s because fiction writers, especially genre writers, are just as excited as I am to talk about weird, fantastical concepts, what-ifs, and how to craft an amazing story. They understand the bummer it is to kill off a character or the excitement that comes from a character taking on a life of their own. I get to hear their stories and get to know their characters. I think it’s exciting to watch another writer have an “ah-ha!” moment while talking out the kinks in their story line. I enjoy coming to an “ah-ha!” moment because of the input of fellow writers. It’s just fun times.

I was glad to see that there is another group in Jeff City. They meet at the library on the first (?) Wednesday of every month, and they have some poetry peeps as well as fiction writers. Those who brought a story read out loud what we brought, which was a little out of my comfort zone, but hey, if I become a published author, I’ll have to do readings sometime, so it was good practice, right? Out of the imaginations of the writers there, we were joined by a gnome/oversized fellow duo with quite the personalities, an old man who lived in an asylum for most of his life and dug graves as free labor, and a kid whose arrogance reminded me quite a bit of how arrogant I can be when looking at life from my limited perspective. I brought an Oracle from my first novel who had a prophecy burned onto his chest. I’m tellin’ ya, it was good times. 

Anyway, I’m pretty sure my kids just threw 100 colorful counting bears all across my living room floor and there is a good chance that quite a few of them are now under my couch, so I better get in there before my kids start pummeling the walls or the t.v. with the things.

My sunburn is worth it

As I sit here in a hotel at 2 am in too much pain to sleep, my first thought is: it was worth it. I have a terrible sunburn on the back of my legs and my legs are swollen from driving all day. As for the sunburn, I somehow missed or the sunscreen was washed away on the back of my legs at the beach this past Friday morning. But my kids got to play in the ocean. They found seashells and dug in the sand and made sand castles.  Just because I fail at sunscreen application doesn’t mean our day at the beach wasn’t beautiful.

Our vacation is at an end. We visited with loved ones and had a lot of fun. There were a lot of firsts for the kiddos: first time on a boat, first time to see the ocean, first time my son pooped in the potty (score!!!), first time our family played together in a swimming pool, first time my husband saw a palm tree growing naturally. Besides that, we sat under a wide open sky in the middle of nowhere and found planets and constellations. The kids have actually been enjoyable on our driving days.  We visited the zoo and the beach. We played together, ate great new foods together, and laughed a lot.

I am feeling more than ever before a sense of pure gratefulness  for my beautiful family. I am truly blessed to be wife to wonderful husband and mother to my beautiful kids.