My sunburn is worth it

As I sit here in a hotel at 2 am in too much pain to sleep, my first thought is: it was worth it. I have a terrible sunburn on the back of my legs and my legs are swollen from driving all day. As for the sunburn, I somehow missed or the sunscreen was washed away on the back of my legs at the beach this past Friday morning. But my kids got to play in the ocean. They found seashells and dug in the sand and made sand castles.  Just because I fail at sunscreen application doesn’t mean our day at the beach wasn’t beautiful.

Our vacation is at an end. We visited with loved ones and had a lot of fun. There were a lot of firsts for the kiddos: first time on a boat, first time to see the ocean, first time my son pooped in the potty (score!!!), first time our family played together in a swimming pool, first time my husband saw a palm tree growing naturally. Besides that, we sat under a wide open sky in the middle of nowhere and found planets and constellations. The kids have actually been enjoyable on our driving days.  We visited the zoo and the beach. We played together, ate great new foods together, and laughed a lot.

I am feeling more than ever before a sense of pure gratefulness  for my beautiful family. I am truly blessed to be wife to wonderful husband and mother to my beautiful kids.


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