Disappearing Posts!

So, this is the second time this has happened, but this time it took me longer to catch it. I wrote a review of my new Samsung Galaxy Note phone, which I love. It was a glowing review. The phone is awesome. Anyway, my husband just notified me last night that there was no actual post, just the title. I always publish a post and then go to check it on my blog to make sure it’s appeared there. This is the second time that I’ve checked after publishing, it’s been there, and then it’s disappeared later. I am so frustrated. I was actually in a competition where you were supposed to publish a post every week for 15 weeks, and that was, I think the last post, so it may have cost me some moolah. I’m not happy. Has this happened to anyone else? What is going on WP??!!!


One thought on “Disappearing Posts!

  1. Wow. That really sucks. It hasn’t happened to me – yet. I’ve been meaning to start saving my posts to my computer before I publish them for some time now. This is excellent motivation to do it.

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