Scared out of my mind!

Yesterday I got a very frightening call from my Mom. My niece, who was three days old, had been throwing up blood. My older neice, they had just found out, had a viral infection and had been with the baby. I was so scared I was literally shaking. Everything seems magnified by a thousand when talking about the ailments of newborns. I can imagine what my sister was feeling; it probably felt a lot like when I had to rush my little boy to the emergency room because he couldn’t breath. I’ll never forget his little face turning blue. It was awful.

Anyway, after she was rushed to the children’s hospital, the doctor’s were able to find out what was wrong. Apparently, there was blood in the breast milk. The blood couldn’t metabolize, so it formed clots in her little newborn tummy and she eventually threw them up. I didn’t know that could happen; I’ve never heard of it. But I’m so glad that’s what it was! It’s an easy fix. My sister just has to pump and get rid of the breast milk until there’s no more blood in it and give my smallest niece formula. This is another instance where I am so grateful to live in a place and time where formula is easily accessible. I am so grateful to live in a place and time where there are doctors and hospitals that can help us with things like this. We are so blessed, people!


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