So, this weekend, I feel like I won. I’m participating in Camp NaNo, where I’m trying to write an entire first draft of a novel in the month of July. I started the weekend with about a thousand words down, just from writing a couple hundred here and there since July 1st. After an all day work day on Saturday, about five hours of work Sunday night, and another probably eight hours of work yesterday, I ended the long weekend at just over twenty thousand words. That just makes me feel happy.

The next few chapters may not go so smoothly; I’ve got some problem solving to do. This is the part of the novel I’m not so sure about, the part that could change or needs something extra I just don’t know about yet. I know what needs to happen. But how it happens…well, I might just write the idea I have and rewrite it later. Or I’ve been considering skipping this section all together and moving on to about two chapters later where I know for sure how things are going to go down.

For you seasoned writers, do you ever skip ahead in your book? How do you deal with sections as you write that first draft that don’t seem quite right?


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