Camp NaNo Update

Exactly two weeks in, and I’m at right around 33,000 words. That’s 144 pages, double spaced, for those of you who might be wondering. Not bad, considering I’ve only been able to get significant amounts done on the weekends. I couldn’t have done it without my husband. He’s given me the time. At least two nights each week and all day on each Saturday and half of the first Sunday. He watched the kids and encouraged me to write  and celebrated with me when I came home with a large word count. He’s my biggest support! 

Anyway, I got to a point this weekend, at around 24,000 words, where I just couldn’t write any more. It was like my brain turned to sludge. I’m feeling a little bit better, but I have to know: does anyone have any tips for when you’ve written and written and written and you just don’t know if you can put one more word on paper? All I could do was take a break. I wrote nothing on Sunday and for most of today. Tonight I was able to get in a couple thousand words. Any other tips for if I hit that wall again? 


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