Camp NaNo made everything pause

Participating in Camp NaNoWriMo is hard. I wrote 50,000 words in the month of July while still keeping up with the house (mostly, lol), homeschooling the kids, participating in church stuff, etc. I basically worked on the weekends. It was exhausting, but I did it, and I am glad that I’ve got the first draft of the third book in the series I’m writing done.

But still, in the month of July, I felt like I put a lot of things on pause. Blogging being one of them because I just could not muster the energy to write any more words. So, I hope to get back on the bandwagon for blogging this month.

As for my writing, I’m returning to the first book in my series, which I think I’m going to call Visions. I am rewriting/editing, and so far, I think it’s going pretty well. I’ve added 16 pages to the first 25 pages, which for me is a good thing. Some writers over-write. They get done with their first draft and they’re at like 180,000 words. Their editing process looks a lot like cutting half their words. My first drafts tend to be short, between 50-70,000 words. And then I add in a lot of the world-building and focus on character development and whatnot.

Anyway, like I said, I’ll hopefully be able to get back into the habit of blogging regularly this month. I enjoy doing it. I always feel like to have material I have to learn new things and research new things, which is fun for me. I’m looking forward to it!


3 thoughts on “Camp NaNo made everything pause

  1. That’s a lot how I write my novels. I like to go back and add “color and shading” after I get my story written. I remember it was one of the first pieces of advice I read when I decided to write. Get your story out first without worrying about the perfect adjective or setting the right mood with world-building…it keeps you moving forward to just tell your story in a quick and dirty approach. Congrats on NaNoWriMo, it’s quite the achievement!

    • Thank you! I think every writer has to figure it out for themselves. Some people just have all of the world-building and all of the background in their heads and they just put it all in without discretion the first time around. For them, that’s the quick and dirty approach, to not worry about what should and shouldn’t go in to the story. I think it’s so interesting all the different ways writers go about their craft.

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